After twenty years, Greg returns to his hometown, searching for his twin brother, who has gone missing. As he tries to find a reason, Greg enters into his brother’s life and finds himself dealing with memories he left behind.

A Short film for Baxter

Original Story by Federico Mazzarisi and Francesco Cirica
Directed by Federico Mazzarisi
Cinematographer’s Tutor Luca Bigazzi
Screenplay by Francesco Cirica
Production Company
Artistic Supervisor Silvio Soldini
Director Of Photography Mattia Gravilli
Produced by Simone Paralovo, APAI ( Associazione Italiana Produttori Audiovisivo )
Editor Ramona Linzola
Production Manager Silvia Ardini
Executive Producer Cristina Marchetti
Production Coordinator Mattia Colombo
Boom Operator Gianluigi Gallo
Foley Artist Daniele De Virgilio
Sound Design Tommaso Barbaro
Sound Mix Massimo Mariani
Color Grading Terratrema
Production Tutor Antonella Rossi
1st Assistant Cinematographer Maria Luisa De Leonardos
2nd Assistant Cinematographer Sara Abdel Gayed
Make Up Artist Paola Rizzo
Costume Stylist Silvia Dongiovanni
Costume Stylist Paola Ronchi
Graphic Design Sara Barberis
Screenwriter’s Tutor Marco Pettenello
Editor’s Tutor Paolo Cottignola
Casting Director Gabriella Giannattasio
Backstage Photographer Ulderico Tremacere & Federico Farci
Music Luca Fois